Medical Marijuana Dispensaries seeing decreased business during covid-19 response | KSNF/KODE

NORTHEAST OKALHOMA — Medical marijuana is one of many industries feeling the impacts of coronavirus.

Lamont Laird, Owner of The Flying Pig Dispensary, said, “We’ve just tried to do as much as we can to protect our customers and our employees.”

Owner of The Flying Pig Dispensary Lamont Laird is one of many in the medical marijuana industry adjusting to keeping his facility open amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The dispensary is doing business currently on its patio.

“We disinfect the entire premise about 6 times a day all of our staff are required to wear gloves.”

Customers can view items on the menu on digital devices.

Kabo Beerly, Employee, The Flying Pig Dispensary, “You pretty much can click on what you want so we’ll go to catridges.”

Medical marijuana facilities are considered essential businesses so they can stay operational.

Which Owner Lamont Laird says he is grateful for.

“Yeah we’ve had a little bit of drop of business because of the health crisis. I know a lot of customers have said we especially have people with chronic pain and chronic conditions that they have been successful in using cannabis to medicate for. And we certainly are concerned about those customers,” said Laird.

Laird adds some medical marijuana facilities are operating business as usual.

“I think everyone is suffering equally. We do know that some dispensaries are opening as business as usual inviting the public to come in. I personally think that’s a little risky.”

“For the time being until we get some clarity on the infection rate and how its going to play out we are going to take every measure we can to protect our customers and staff.”

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