Chicopee dispensary wants Gov. Baker to classify recreational marijuana as essential

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts dispensaries are not allowed to sell recreationally during the COVID-19 pandemic, however one local dispensary is trying to change that.

Theory Wellness in Chicopee is currently open to only medicinal customers, but they are urging Governor Baker to reclassify cannabis as essential. Gov. Baker fears that by allowing dispensaries to sell adult use marijuana, it will attract people from out of state, breaking travel and quarantine protocols.

However, Theory Wellness CEO Brandon Pollock told 22News that medicinal customers must be from in-state, so it’s something that can be easily monitored. He also added that allowing adult-use sales will help keep dispensaries doors open because they don’t receive tax breaks like other small businesses.

Pollock told 22News, “We don’t qualify for any government assistance because cannabis isn’t legal federally, we can’t apply for loans or grants that any other business could.”

Theory Wellness added that if allowed to sell adult-use marijuana they’ll be able to follow all of the proper social distancing protocols.

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