Province allows liquor stores to extend operating hours, but no mention of cannabis shop

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The province is allowing private liquor stores to temporarily extend their hours during this pandemic, but there’s been no mention of retail cannabis shops.

The province says by allowing liquor stores to open up a few hours earlier, seniors and other vulnerable people will be able to come in and get what they need.

But that’s seen as a major issue to some who rely on cannabis to help manage pain and anxiety.

Barinder Rasode is a former Surrey councilor, and is now the Founder of the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education.

She says allowing pot shops to open up earlier would also help serve vulnerable seniors.

“Seniors are using cannabis for ailments that require anti-inflammatory properties for insomnia and anxiety,” she says. “One of the stats that came out post-legalization in 2018 was that seniors are one of the fastest-growing group that uses cannabis. I think it’s a myth and a stereotype that it’s younger people who are using cannabis.”

Rasode says while some of those stereotypes persist, many seniors are able to find relief for pain through the use of cannabis products.

“People are not only using cannabis for recreational purposes,” she says. “Lots of seniors and others are using it as a wellness product as well.”

Private Liquor stores are now allowed to open at 7 am and close at 11 pm daily if they choose.

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