Hemp and cannabis company opens in the Valley, looking to fill jobs

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas — A Texas company is paving the way for the hemp industry and setting up their headquarters here in the Valley.

Texas Hemp Ventures, a hemp and cannabis company founded by four partners, Beau Woodcock, Jake Eckert, Rudy Montes and Kelly Lloyde who secured their license to grow hemp and chose to do so in an area rooted in agriculture, the Valley.  

“The climate is ideal for growing hemp, [there are] multiple rotations during the year,” said Eckert.

“We’re so close to the border down here that we’re able to push further into international if we have to go that route,” said Montes.

Eckert said there are various services to farmers locally and across the country. 

“Specifically with genetics, processing, extraction, cultivation consultation, white labeling, laboratory services and more to come,” said Eckert. 

“We’re going to start testing this once a week to ensure that we are in compliance with Texas standards,” explained Lloyde as he referred to crops in the mother stage. “After about 5-6 weeks we should know right where the plant is and we’ll know how to harvest it before it runs over the compliant level.”

In addition, they are while also looking to fill positions even in this time of crisis.

“Cameron, Hidalgo, Zapata, Willacy, all those are what we’re looking at, doing the research looking at what their poverty levels are what the jobs have been during this COVID-19, this quarantine,” Montes. “But we’re still pushing forward, we still are able to bring back jobs over here for people that want to be interested in this.” 

The company will be having a virtual “Hempalooza” on Monday where you’ll get to see how they operate. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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