How To Make Compost Tea For Medical Marijuana Plants Extreme Yield

To air stone or Not to air stone. I go for no stone, no over head, no carbon foot print, no tricking money off on out the country products, no outsourcing american jobs. If you look in natures there is no big ass air stone in the water or swamps. If you get any bubbles in natures its mostly from gases building up in the bottom layer and it comes up. Straight up in your face F%&k your pumps, tubes, filters, and air stones. Been there done that and saw 1 st that it is tricking at its finest, you’re make more trash, and your giving your money to another country at the end of the chain. So I’m going to keep in 100% American and improve my methods in the US to Support my country and state. You can do you but you can’t tell me or show me that your pumps and stones are better than nature.


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