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NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A number of companies are changing what they do in order to pitch in and provide much-needed supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. A North Las Vegas cannabis harvesting manufacturer is helping with the shortage of personal protective equipment.

The CEO of Greenbroz, Inc. knew he wanted to help and took the resources he had to make a device that can sterilize PPE, like masks.

He and his partners came up with the device, which looks like a tumbling washing machine, but it isn’t washing clothes, it’s sterilizing them. The machine uses chlorine dioxide to get deep into the pores of clothing and masks, and it kills bacteria and viruses.

Greenbroz usually makes cannabis harvesting machines, but the CEO knew with his 50,000-square-foot warehouse near the speedway, they could come up with something to help.

“We just said, ‘wait a minute, we have a machine that we can repurpose a little bit, do a little bit of work on and reengineer and use chlorine dioxide, which is the sterilant we’ve been studying a lot on,” said Cullen Raichart, CEO of Greenbroz.

It cost them $125,000 to get to this point today. Raichart said they already have interests for the machine here in the US and overseas.

each machine costs $120,000. For the first 30 days, each machine will be sold at cost to help get through the pandemic.

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