Winnipeg man arrested in connection with illegal cannabis trafficking business

A Winnipeg man has been arrested in connection with an illegal cannabis trafficking operation, according to police.

Police said earlier in April, officers received information about the illegal operation and an investigation was initiated with Manitoba Justice’s public safety investigation unit.

Officers noted the accused business, known as ‘Dr. Kush,’ was housed in a building in the Sargent Park area, including a warehouse that helped with distribution. Police received confirmation from Health Canada, as well as the Manitoba Liquor and Gaming and Cannabis Authority that the business wasn’t licensed.

Officers said the operation had a website where people could place cannabis orders, and drivers were contracted to deliver it. Police allege to hide deliveries, drivers used insulated bags with labels from well-known restaurant delivery services. Police confirmed that the website is the Dr. Kush Company.

On April 15, officers arrested a 43-year-old man associated with the operation. He is facing charges of possessing cannabis for the purpose of distributing, possessing cannabis for the purpose of selling and possessing proceeds of property obtained by crime.

Police executed a search warrant at the warehouse and seized:

  • $192,350 in prepacked cannabis;
  • $15,760 in vaping oil;
  • $14,400 in prepackaged shatter;
  • $8,000 in computers and tablets, police said was used for orders and deliveries; and
  • 10,000 units of custom packaging material.

Officers said there are still two outstanding suspects.

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