Nattie G’s Outdoor Garden: Transparent Farming Vs Organic Farming

For the record I am all for organic cultivation hands down, But what we define as organic has made a hard change in the game over the last few years. It would take a farm years to become organic and people would spend years working on there methods and inputs. Yet today you have major nute companies saying they are organic due to a seal they bought. Then you have people who use manure who can not control the overall quality of the feed they they give there animal. So if the animal eats a GMO feed grain or hay your fuked. The shots to the animals, ans on and on and on. So for those who know me from the front know that I have always been 100% Traceable 100% Trackable 100% Patient Based. So we are going to keep it also 100% Transparent. Here’s to a great safe season.


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