Cannabis growing book reviews: ‘An A to Z Guide to All Things Marijuana’

“How to Grow Marijuana: The Easiest Guide to Growing Weed” by Murph Wolfson ($15.99, Adams Media): It’s not slick and there are no dramatic photos, but this 224-page hardcover book is filled with valuable information and helpful diagrams to guide people interested in cultivating and harvesting cannabis.

After sharing a fact-filled history, the author continues with details about the parts of the plant, its life cycle and scientific classification.

The section on understanding cannabinoids and their interactions with the human body helped clarify terms heard over time while also dispelling many of the myths.

Wolfson, a master gardener who has been growing marijuana for decades, dedicates the next chapters to planting and growing cannabis indoors, outdoors and hydroponically. His suggestions optimize growth and success in each, quite different environment.

The book wouldn’t be complete without a clear explanation of the stages of cannabis growth, from flowering to manicuring and everything in between, including how to handle pests.

The sections called Pro Tips and Five Tips to Remember are helpful to beginning growers and include checklists and reminders, an effective way to review the information.


“Weedopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Marijuana” by Adams MediaAdams Media

“Weedopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Marijuana” published by Adams Media ($14.99): The 240-page hardcover book is not a guide to cannabis growing or cultivating, nor a gardener’s how-to book designed to take a beginner from planting to harvesting.

Instead, it’s an absolutely delightful and extremely interesting collection of information about cannabis.

Arranged in alphabetical order like an encyclopedia, entries range from famous people’s experiences with the plant (Louisa May Alcott) and definitions (“A Henry” is an eighth measure of cannabis) as well as related social events. You name it; it’s in here.

Witty and informative, “Weedopedia” will definitely capture interest and satisfy curiosity. The introduction encourages readers to “sit back, break out the snacks, and learn everything one could possible want to know about marijuana. Best if served with an open mind and, of course, a burning joint.”

— Sally Peterson

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