Hydroponic Jungle – 6 patient MMJ Garden 12,000w DE on LightRail movers over Bucket System

This 6 patient collective grow provides each patient with a 4×8 space under 2 DE lights on movers over a 48 site Active Aqua bucket system. Tended to once a week this Hydroponic Jungle is about 98% automated all 6 sites run on an individual 50 gallon res running NO Co2 everything is as simple as it gets, learn how to max yield with minimum effort!

For results to this grow journal and exclusive side by side testing product reviews and more CaliCropDoc.org

Disclaimer! Viewers agree they are over 18 years old. Please be aware that in many places, it is illegal to grow marijuana and the penalties for doing so can be quite harsh. This guide is intended to be used only if it is legal for you to be growing marijuana and for historical, educational and scientific reference only. We strongly discourage breaking any local, state, or federal laws. If you choose to break any laws, you do so at your own discretion. Do research to learn about the laws where you live before growing any marijuana. For the United States, NORML maintains a state-by-state listing of marijuana laws and penalties. These videos were compiled from legal patient medical sites. The author CaliCropDoc does not supply medical marijuana to patients ALL videos are patient instructionals to promote safe and ethical use of medicinal marijuana. This company does not endorse illegal use of marijuana in any shape or form.


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