City of Snohomish should allow retail cannabis shops

During this current coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Jay Inslee has deemed retail cannabis stores “essential” for maintaining public health and safety. I agree.

A few years ago the city of Snohomish experienced drunken riots of 500 or more people pouring out onto historic First Street, which contained many bars and restaurants serving hard liquor.

Gov. Inslee has now deemed those bars and restaurants “non-essential,” and rightly so.

In the city’s mayoral general election of November 2017, the two candidates — John Kartak, a self-proclaimed “social conservative” and Karen Guzak, a self-proclaimed “progressive” — both opposed lifting the city’s ban on legal and medical cannabis retail sales within the city limits.

Well, now it is high time the Snohomish City Council revisit the issue, based on recent science and data that supports overwhelmingly, the benefits of the calming effect from legal and medical cannabis consumed at home versus the disadvantages of hard liquor served at bars that increase the risk for more DUIs and the spreading of more viruses.

Morgan Davis


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