Cannabis plant lollipopping. Flowering Cannabis plants at week 1.

Cannabis plant lollipopping
Medical Marijuana Shake out garden.(Week 2 flower update.)
Lolli-popping / Clones / Ph. Fluctuations.
18 and over please.

Flower feeding week 1

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A/B 2ml/l
Advanced Nutrients Bud factor X 2ml/l
Advanced Nutrients Bud candy 2ml/l
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 2ml/l
Advanced Nutrients Bud Igniter 2ml/l
House and Garden Amino Treatment 2ml/Gal.
House and Garden Roots Excelerator 1ml/Gal.
Hygrozyme 1ml/l
Added this week:
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud 2ml/l
Hybrix Molasses 2ml/gal.

Diluted to 1.8 for the Whole Garden.
P.h. @ 6.3 Plants got just under a gallon to a gallon based on size.
Water temp. @ feeding 69 degrees.

Feeding every 3-4 days.

Things that didn’t make the video :
1. Kicked lights up to 1000 w. on day 8

2. Did a lot of canopy mngmt. by pulling taller growth to further scrog openings.

3. Sprayed the top of the soil twice ( 3 days apart) with azamax at 1/2 oz per.gallon to kill any gnats buzzing around

Music by Smokey joe and the Kid :

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