From job loss to obesity: Can cannabis help?

Can marijuana offer life-changing benefits? Karisa Nashana Sikora thinks so. Recently sharing her story with Practical Pain Management, Sikora described how medical marijuana offered her the ability to truly live fully again.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia after the birth of her son, she didn’t immediately think of marijuana. In fact, she had many concerns that it might be addictive, or diminish her capacities as a wife and mother. Sikora shared that marijuana wasn’t just a remedy, but a friend.

“Medical marijuana isn’t something I find myself using every day, but rather, a dependable ‘friend’ I turn to a few times a week when I know I need to break the cycle. I feel so blessed. I would recommend trying cannabis to anyone who struggles and feels as though there is no relief, no answers.”

Could marijuana offer support in ways we don’t even recognize yet? Here are some examples of how marijuana has been reported to assist with common lifestyle challenges:

Job loss

Losing a job can come with many emotions, and while you navigate to a new workplace, marijuana might help with anxiety. However, keep in mind that drug testing and confusion in human resources policies can put you at risk if you’re using marijuana in a workplace that doesn’t approve.

According to NOLO, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona and Delaware have protections in place for medical marijuana users, but you could potentially risk losing your job for the effects of marijuana while in your workplace. NOLO reports that it’s best to contact an employment lawyer to get the facts in your particular state before you light up or bite down.


With over 70 million adults in the U.S. classified as obese, researchers are looking to new ways to help decrease diseases often associated with obesity, such as heart attacks, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Can marijuana fight obesity? We covered a study in 2018 that found an interesting correlation: Women who used marijuana had a lower BMI by 3.1 per cent.

For every story like Sikora’s, there are several questions about marijuana’s potential for helping certain medical issues or challenges. / Photo: demaerre / iStock / Getty Images Plus

demaerre / iStock / Getty Images Plus


From losing a loved one to break-ups, grief filters into our everyday life in unexpected ways and often can present itself as anxiety or frustration. Esra Green wrote in 2017 that after the death of his mother, marijuana helped quell his negative emotions so he could work and stay focused, allowing him to power through a to-do list during a writer’s retreat. Also reported to help with traumatic brain injuries, marijuana’s effects offer promise of improving cognitive function when the brain isn’t at its best.

For every story like Sikora’s, there are several questions about marijuana’s potential for helping certain medical issues or challenges. The problem is, there’s not enough research on the market to assess if marijuana can offer relief for each individual.

The best course of action for any individual to take regarding understanding if marijuana or CBD is an option, is to speak to their health care professional.


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