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Firstoff here is a Comment from a Wise person who helps break down why I use powder milk and fish.
Organic growers (mainly from Asia) has been using fish product and milk product for hundreds of years in their gardens. Milk has lots of calcium, minerals and sugars that feeds the microherd, which in turn unlock and releases many nutrients for the plant. Milk works WAY better and WAY more effect if it were turned into Lactobacillus. Calcium acts like glue that holds the cell wall together, making plants stronger and making them feed more efficiently, hence bigger, faster growing plants. Amino Acid (from fish) help build chlorophyll and opens up Ca channels and sends hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Ca ions up to the plants at once, instead of the 10-20 Ca ions at once without the use of Amino Acid = super green and healthy plants on super photosynthesis mode. Bottom line, Ca combined with Amino Acid = Growth/Yield and Health on steriods. Now add silica to the mix and you have thick ass stalk and highly pest/disease resistance trees. Literally, your plants will become as strong and branches becomes as hard and resistance as trees.
Now off to the show.


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