Myth or Reality: Does cannabis really help cure COVID-19?

Earlier this week, posts were circulating on Facebook, saying that cannabis can eventually cure COVID-19. Readers eventually got excited about it and started sharing it. But the post was eventually taken from Facebook as flagged for spreading false information. Also, the study was just a preliminary study, showing that cannabis extracts that were on a part of treatment were able to fight off the infection. We should see here that it was just a preliminary study and yet be part reviewed. Therefore, the study has zero evidence to prove that it was effective and safe in humans.

While there are many speculations going around on this issue, we should see that both cannabis and marijuana are different. Marijuana refers to the parts of the cannabis plant that contains THC for recreational use. However, the cannabis plant contains more than 540 chemicals. So people should not confuse the terms and have wrong opinions about it.

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We should also see that the article mentions that cannabis can be used only as an adjunct therapy. Therefore, we see that cannabis alone wouldn’t be enough to combat the disease. The study was based on six researchers from Lethbridge and Calgary, both in Canada. Affiliated to startups, the researchers tested lab-grown cannabis and applied to human 3D tissue models of oral, airway, and intestines. The main aim is to deliver medicine via different routes such as mouthwash applications, encapsulated extracts, nebulizers, inhalers, etc., so it cannot be compared to the effects of smoking at any point.

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The idea is to develop various products that can be used as a preventive measure like mouthwash or throat goggle. The main ideas are to consider all field of aspects to combat the virus. Readers should see that this is just mere study on an artificially engineered tissue and not humans. Therefore, we cannot say if it will work the same way on us. Future clinical trials and further studies are definitely needed to have enough evidence in this. It is advised that readers must know the exact ideology behind this study and should be cautious while sharing this kind of news.

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