New Brunswick residents might be happy it’s harder to grow cannabis indoors, but growers are mad at ‘nonsensical’ rules

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“I’m not saying you should allow cannabis cultivation on everything that is zoned agricultural, because there could be other infrastructure around that could be sensitive to a cannabis establishment, like a daycare, for example. I’m fine with that,” Wilson tells StratCann. “But my land was already approved for this. I’m not even growing cannabis for flower, just plants to sell to other growers. I can get a tractor trailer of bull manure and put it on my land, but they think that cannabis is an odour issue. It’s just nonsensical.”

Southeast Regional Planning Commission says the changes to the policy are due to community concerns and that in Wilson’s case, he doesn’t have a permit for building a cannabis nursery. But growers like Gina Brown believe the directive does little to help those from the cannabis community.

“Why would I want an agricultural farm zoned as industrial? The tax implications alone, it’s about eight times more to have it zoned industrial instead of agriculture,” Brown, who along with her husband applied for indoor micro cultivation license in April last year, tells StratCann.

“If it made sense, if there was a legitimate concern about smell, or safety, I would want it addressed. But this just doesn’t make sense. People can still grow outdoors in these areas, so why do they want to essentially ban indoor facilities?”

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