Yikes. Men who smoke weed regularly might be infusing their semen with THC

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found ‘that THC can cross the blood-testis barrier in certain individuals’

To help answer whether or not THC can be detected in semen, researchers at Harvard Medical School recruited 12 healthy, long-term and heavy cannabis users who had consumed the plant by inhalation anywhere from 25 to 30 days during the last month.

Their findings? Yes, THC can be detected in semen.

“This is the first study to identify and quantify THC in human semen, demonstrating that THC can cross the blood-testis barrier in certain individuals,” notes the study in the Journal of Reproductive Physiology and Disease.

Why so much interest in THC-infused semen? As Marijuana Moment reports, it’s all about pregnancy studies. Men of reproductive age “are the most prevalent consumers of marijuana,” and the effects of cannabis on pregnancy is still a fascinating area for research. The publication also points out that a 2018 study found that 16.5 percent of men and 11.5 percent of women reported using marijuana while attempting to conceive.

While researchers found some decreased motility for the THC-washed semen, they didn’t make any conclusions based on these findings. They did, however, note that being able to quantify THC in semen could help lay the groundwork to allow for future studies.

“The ability to quantify cannabinoids in human reproductive tissues and fluids gives us the capability to directly study the effects of cannabis on early human reproduction,” notes the study.

Researchers also pointed out that because participants were such regular users — most had regularly consumed weed for at least five years — the study findings don’t necessarily apply to light, or moderate weed users.


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