Brett Harris, a longtime Wichita radio DJ, opens a CBD store

Brett Harris is perhaps best known in Wichita for his 25-year career on Wichita radio.

But now, the radio guy turned broker is becoming known for something else.


Earlier this week, Harris opened a new CBD shop in Wichita called Your CBD Store. He took over the 1,400-square-foot space at Tallgrass Plaza, 2250 N. Rock Road, that was most recently occupied by GNC.

Harris is the franchisee for the shop, part of a Florida-based chain that has 650 stores across the country. But he’s been working with the company ever since he became acquainted with its owners two years ago at a CBD Expo in Seattle.

That’s when Harris, who has worked as an agent for Landmark Commercial Real Estate in Wichita since 2018, began brokering deals for the company to open stores around the country.

So far, he said, he’s helped the chain sign 52 leases in 24 states, and in the process, he became sold on their products.

“These guys are the upper end of CBD,” he said. “It’s really spa and medical and very clean. Where other CBD stores like to put a big pot leaf in their window, we don’t do that. That’s what attracted me.”

Your CBD Store just opened at Tallgrass Plaza. Travis Heying The Wichita Eagle

The store specializes in products made with industrial hemp. That’s different from marijuana, which comes from cannabis plants, Harris said. He spends a lot of time explaining to his customers the difference.

His shelves are stocked with oils, topical creams and edibles that he says help with everything from sleeping problems to pain to pet anxiety.

“With all the stress and anxiety and uncertainty going on, CBD sales are on fire,” he said. “People are looking for relief… These guys have the right products.”

He’s planning to add another couple of unique services to the store as well, Harris said. The back part of the shop has space that he will use to put on meditation classes, and he’ll also offer CBD massages, during which the masseuse will massage clients using CBD oils. People should watch the store’s Facebook page for updates on those services, he said.

Harris said he may open a couple more stores in Wichita, or he’d also be willing to work with another franchisee who’s interested.

Brett and Tracy 2
Megan Lovely

Harris is known to many for his longtime radio partnership with Tracy Cassidy. The on-air duo hosted the morning show for years on B-98. But their radio careers ended in 2017, when Harris and Cassidy, who had started another radio show, were let go by KKGQ’s new owners, Rocking M Media.

He also was the longtime co-host of a television talk show with Sierra Scott.

Your CBD Store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

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