Michigan Recreational Marijuana Surpasses Medical Marijuana Weekly Sales

Six months into its existence, Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry hit a new milestone last week, exceeding medical marijuana in weekly sales for the first time ever.

Some industry players like Steve Linder, president of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, which describes its members as the General Motors, Ford, and Chryslers of Michigan’s cannabis industry, see this shift to a recreational-dominated market as inevitable.

As of now, both medical and recreational sales have seen a huge increase in average weekly sales since December. Weekly medical sales have nearly doubled, and weekly recreational sales are up more than 800%. While medical marijuana sales totaled $9.97 million between June 8 and June 14, recreational marijuana saw $10.02 million in sales.

To read more, click on https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/06/michigan-recreational-marijuana-hits-milestone-surpasses-medical-marijuana-weekly-sales-in-upward-ascent.html

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