Driver tests positive for cannabis and cocaine after being stopped for speeding in his mum’s car

A YOUNG driver tested positive for cannabis and cocaine after being stopped for speeding in his mother’s car.

Dorset Police’s No Excuse Team arrested the driver of the VW Polo during a patrol in Abbotsbury.

A spokesman for the team said: “The Polo driver was originally recorded speeding in his mum’s car.

“He already holds six points and has a previous drink drive conviction on his record.

“It also turns out he wasn’t on the insurance for this car and to top it off he also tested positive for both cannabis and cocaine.

“The driver was arrested and released under investigation to await his blood results.

“A dangerous combination of speed, under the influence and no insurance. We are pleased to have stopped him before an accident occured and someone was injured or worse.”

The team later seized a BMW after ANPR alerted officers that it had no insurance.

The spokesman added: “The driver holds a fully comprehensive insurance policy on another vehicle in Birmingham.

“He was initially adamant his insurance allowed him to drive any vehicle.

“Yes it does BUT the other vehicle must have an insurance policy in force and you can’t own it for this to be valid.

“In March he was stopped for speeding in the same car and, yes, then it had insurance in a female’s name so he was covered but not since she cancelled it and he became the registered keeper.

“We can check the insurance history on any vehicles. Once we explained the above several times he was polite and apologetic.

“Having fully comprehensive insurance doesn’t automatically allow you to drive other cars.

“If in doubt we wish people would check with their insurance company before driving.

“Almost every shift we find ourselves seizing a vehicle for no insurance. Why do you think that is?

“We know the importance of a vehicle to people, especially for work and family commitments.

“We don’t make the decision lightly to seize a vehicle. We wish we didn’t have to seize any but we will deal with offences fairly and proportionally. 

“No Excuse, we as a team are working hard to keep the roads safe.”

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