$72,500 worth of cannabis trafficked by NQ drug dealer

A woman who was self-medicating her scoliosis and osteoarthritis with cannabis was estimated to have sold $72,500 of the drug in five months.

Debra Anne Corney, 52, was trafficking cannabis from February 21 to July 16 last year after initially transporting two ounces from Brisbane back to Townsville.

The Townsville District Court heard police searched Corney’s address on July 15 last year. Police found 116g of cannabis, $2660 in cash, a calendar recording money paid to a drug supplier, a tick list, scales, calibration weights and a water pipe.

The court heard Corney had sourced 14.5 pounds of cannabis estimated to be worth between $67,900 and $72,580. The tick list revealed Corney was owed $12,000.

Crown prosecutor Shannon Sutherland told the court Corney sold a range of different quantities including a stick, a fifty, a quarter, half ounces and ounces to 20 customers.

“The defendant is a mature woman who ran a busy business that only ceased due to her arrest that appeared to be escalating in frequency and quantities sold,” she said.

Ms Sutherland said it was estimated Corney profited between $26,100 to $59,000 from the cannabis she sold.

The court heard an analysis of Corney’s mobile phone revealed an offer to supply methamphetamines and two actual supplies.

Corney pleaded guilty to seven charges including one count of trafficking in dangerous drugs and three counts of supplying dangerous drugs.

Defence barrister Harvey Walters presented to the court medical letters and records explaining Corney had a long-term problem with pain stemming from scoliosis and osteoarthritis.

Mr Walters said Corney had been self-medicating as “cannabis is a relief to her condition”.

Mr Walters described his client as a “submissive person” and felt like she was being “railroaded” and “pushed into extensive supply” by her drug dealers.

Judge John Coker told Corney her offending was “serious” and “significant”.

“It has changed your life dramatically from a generally law abiding, and no doubt committed and concerned member of our society to one of those people that society needs to be protected from,” he said.

Corney sobbed as she was sentenced to two and half years’ jail.

Judge Coker set a parole release date of October 23 this year.

Convictions were recorded and a serious drug certificate issued.

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