Cannabis most trafficked drug in Nigeria ― Report

Seized cannabis by NDLEA, PHOTO: File Photo

By Evelyn Usman

Statistics have revealed, cannabis (marijuana), as the most used and trafficked substance by Nigerians.

The lockdown and restriction on interstate movement, due to the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, did not stop those who indulge in the illicit business from trafficking them to other states of the country.

For instance, operatives of the anti-narcotic agency apprehended 6,465.23 of Cannabis which were been conveyed from  Kano to Kogi.

Another seizure of 3, 962 kilograms of Cannabis was made en route Kano at Benue; another seizure of  1, 960 kilograms of Cannabis was made in  Edo.

Also, 621. 0857 kilograms of cannabis was recovered in  Imo and 267.123 kilograms of Cannabis in  Abia state, all during the lockdown period.

NDLEA and drug war

In its bid to discharge its constitutional responsibility of eradicating illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA  disclosed that 9,444 persons were arrested for drug-related offences in the year ending 2019.

Out of this figure, 584 offenders were arrested in Lagos State alone.

So far, the agency said it had convicted 1,195 persons while 795 drug dependants were counseled during the period under review.

A total of  612, 903.484 kilograms of drugs, out of which Cannabis was  310.1 tons, were recovered.

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