American Canyon moves closer to hosting cannabis cultivation, manufacturing | Local News

Currently, the city of Napa has the county’s only cannabis retail business, Harverst of Napa, for people with a doctor’s recommendation.

Yountville is planning to ask town voters in November if they want to approve cannabis retail without the medical requirement.

Eric Sklar of Napa Valley Fume has tried unsuccessfully to convince the county Board of Supervisors to allow commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. Napa Valley Vintners at Board meetings has voiced concerns that a wine country cannabis industry might hurt the Napa wine brand.

But the Board of Supervisors has land use jurisdiction only over the unincorporated county, not within the boundaries of cities such as American Canyon.

During the American City Council meeting, Sklar commended Garcia and Vice Mayor David Oro “for not letting the Vintners bully you folks the way they have the county. They’ve kind of shut down everything there because they don’t want competition.”

American Canyon Chamber of Commerce CEO Valerie Zizak-Morais reminded the City Council that most city voters favored legalizing cannabis in the statewide 2016 Proposition 64 election.

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