Arizona Governor Opposes Smart & Safe Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Arizona Governor Cannabis

Arizona’s anti-marijuana governor has made a statement opposing the Smart and Safe ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2020.

Governor Ducey stated that the initiative is “a bad idea based on false promises,” reported. The governor did not provide any evidence to support his statement.

Ducey has openly opposed anything pro-marijuana since being elected into office. In February 2020, Ducey received a “D” grade for his anti-marijuana views.

Ducey went on to share his (unproven) belief that cannabis legalization leads to increased highway deaths and teen use. However, a recent study found that marijuana consumers show good driving performance while another recent study found that marijuana legalization is not connected to an increased use by adolescents.

A poll in June 2020 found that 65% of Arizonans support legalizing marijuana for adult use.

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC2.0

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