How to grow Marijuana | “TRAGEDY” GROWERS UNIVERSITY

If you want to support the comeback of the century please do so at the link below:

I’m a hard worker and self sufficient, don’t need a handout. Just need some support to get back on my feet.

Everyone a lot of my neighbors lost there lives and there animals lives. All material bullshit aside, I’m so crushed learning my friends, neighbors and fellow human beings lost there lives needlesly. Yeah Climate change is Real but before we focus all our energy on that bullshit, we need to do common sense approach tactics in mitigating fire damage. That being said we need to be doing controlled/prescribed burns to clear the dead trees and brush. We got fucked in our community especially by the GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

Our local community has been amazing and doing what the state beurocrats aren’t.
I want to thank the first responders, Local and other Sheriffs and law enforcement, especially our firefighters and the VOLUNTEER INMATE PRISON CREW, search and rescue for all there amazing work.


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