GROWERS UNIVERSITY | “POPEYE” | Mini Documentary preview

What’s up growers University fam, thought I would drop a little something for you guys to get excited about. I’m releasing this on PATREON first and be uploading it to the new channel sometime.
This is a preview of the very first documentary I ever made with a legend in the cartel world “POPEYE”
John Jairo Velasquez Vasquez. (R.I.P) who recently passed away this year from Cancer in a Colombian Prison.
I know a lot of people worldwide Good and Bad, the story of how I got to know “POPEYE” and become his friend is CRAZY.
I have a lot of video and documentaries that I’ve been working on and never released.I will be putting them out on my new channel
Living Legend Media: Link Below

Growers University Patreon:

Our local community has been amazing and doing what the state beurocrats aren’t.
I want to thank the first responders, Local and other Sheriffs and law enforcement, especially our firefighters and the VOLUNTEER INMATE PRISON CREW, search and rescue for all there amazing work.


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