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CHARLESTON — Being able to buy recreational cannabis products in Charleston is something new and it’s a bit of a new shopping experience for customers when they visit the store where they’re sold.

The store offers about 300 different types of cannabis products but they’re not setting on shelves for customers to peruse. Instead, they’ll see mostly staff waiting at a counter in front of video screens displaying the products offered.

Customers wait in line in an area that allows for social distancing and the only physical presence of the products is in a small display case.

The sales process, in part, is a response to the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s also to help people be more comfortable learning about recreational cannabis products, said David Spreckman, retail marketing director of the company that operates the store.

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“We want it to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience,” he said of the Zen Leaf store that opened at 909 Lincoln Ave. earlier this week.

The store is located in the building that used to be a Family Video store, locating there after the city of Charleston approved a recreational cannabis business ordinance and issued the company a building permit earlier this year.

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