Green Releaf medical marijuana dispensary opens in Troy Missouri

TROY Mo. – It’s been legal to sell medical marijuana in Missouri for just over two months, and Green Releaf dispensary has opened its third dispensary in Troy Missouri.

Marking a soft opening Friday afternoon Green Releaf served up marijuana buds (dried flower) with names like Lemon Haze and for Hetti Blue $60 for an eighth-ounce (3.5 grams).

Store Manager Coby Garrison says its full menu will be available by mid-January.

“We have limited products right now but as time goes on we will continue to increase the product offerings that we have,” said Garrison. “We will carry a wide variety of medical cannabis products in addition to buds, including vaporizable, pre-rolled joints, wax, and topicals”.

Located at 109 N Lincoln Drive, the facility sits in a retail area, with ample on-site parking and a generous waiting area for customers.

Jay Patel, owner of Green Releaf says their main focus is on helping certified patients improve their quality of life.

“We want to make sure the patients have the medicine that they deserve,” Patel said.

One customer tells Fox 2 he needs it for chronic pain, and he’s thankful for medical marijuana because it keeps him from using prescription medicine.

“I deal with sever nerve pain, and its works just as well if not better than the pain killers,” he said.

According to the Missouri Department of Health, qualifying medical conditions include cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, a chronic medical condition usually treated with prescription medication, and terminal illnesses, among others.

Patel says he encourages people who may not be supportive of the medical use of cannabis to educated themselves, do their research, and ask questions with their doctor.

To comply with COVID-19 restrictions, the company requires social distancing inside and outside, and everyone inside must wear a face mask. The dispensary also offers online ordering and ongoing sanitizing throughout the day.

The company plans to open a dispensary in Columbia next month. Which will bring the company’s total in Missouri to four.

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