Oregon Man Accused of Trafficking 148 Pounds of Cannabis in Grundy County “http://www.wspynews.com/Local News” wspynews.com

A major drug bust was made in Grundy County at a local gas station around 10:30 a.m. Thursday. The Illinois State Police said a sergeant was at a local gas station and removed his canine partner from inside of his squad car to walk the canine.

While passing a vehicle located at the gas station, the canine alerted to the vehicle. Based on the Sergeant’s training and experience for indicators of criminal activity, the Sergeant requested consent to search the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, 27-year-old Matthew Wolf of West Linn, Oregon, gave consent to search the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, the officer allegedly found 148 pounds of cannabis in large duffel bags within the vehicle.

The Illinois State Police did not say where the gas station was located. Wolf was arrested for Cannabis Trafficking, Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis and Possession of Cannabis.

Wolf posted a $100,000 bond and is due back in court in January.

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