Cannabis shop applications put on hold in Chico

CHICO, Calif. – Chico’s Best is one of the cannabis shops that could soon open its doors. It’s located along Park Avenue in Chico. But for now the owners say the application process has been put on hold.

“We actually had an appointment to get one turned in on Monday of this week which was a couple of days ago but after it was frozen we weren’t able to turn it in and we are wondering what the next steps are gonna be or if there is a timeline from city council,” said co-owner, Charles Burton.

“The council before had promised a plethora of new revenue if we adopted the cannabis. Well they didn’t put any taxes there’s no revenue generator on the fee schedule so I asked if we could bring the fee schedule back and have a conversation about how to get the revenue generator we were promised, and so everything went on pause because we can’t take permits while we don’t know what taxes we are going to charge,” said Councilor Sean Morgan. 

“To have your business paused, we feel like a lot of people do during covid, you are just hoping to have your business up and running,” said Burton.

Sean Morgan says the city will eventually move forward with retail cannibas shops, but it is a matter of how to get the revenue generator that they had discussed previously. 

Morgan agreed to only four retail sites, he says there’s no guarantee people will actually receive permits when they apply. 

“There will only be four dispensaries but there is no cap on delivery services so no matter what my company will be opening, whether or not we get a dispensary, but we are really hoping and shooting and doing our best with our application,” said Burton. 

This topic will be discussed during Tuesday’s Chico City Council meeting.

The two owners of Chico’s Best say they plan to hire around 22 full-time employees plus a few part-time ones.

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