8 arrested, 650 pot plants seized from Fountain Valley home allegedly used for illegal growing operation

Fountain Valley police have arrested eight individuals on suspicion of running an illegal marijuana growing operation in a residence that led to the seizure of 650 plants and 450 pounds of dried marijuana produce, officials reported.

Fountain Valley Police Department Sgt. Robert Cortes said officers followed up on complaints lodged by neighbors of the house, located on the 8500 block of Cape Cod Avenue.

“The complaints started a couple of months ago,” Cortes said Friday, adding residents had concerns about the strong odor of marijuana and odd activities observed on the property. “We conducted an investigation that included undercover surveillance of the residence.”

From their investigation, officers were able to obtain a search warrant for the property. On Dec. 3, members of the department’s Crime Suppression Unit served the warrant and discovered eight individuals inside the residence.

Scene from an illegal marijuana growing operation in Fountain Valley.

Fountain Valley police officers seized 650 plants and 450 pounds of dried marijuana product from a home where eight people were arrested Dec. 3 on suspicion of illegal cultivation.

(Courtesy of Fountain Valley Police Department)

Cortes said it appeared the interior of house had been retrofitted to serve as a growing operation with little to no residential space remaining inside the building.

The suspects — Fountain Valley residents Trang Bui, 32, Minh Nguyen, 47, Cuong Hoang, 38, and Long Thai, 42, along with Ly Nguyen, 44, of Anaheim, San Francisco residents Tuoi Nguyen, 60, and Kim Nguyen Pham, 36, and Midway City resident Oanh Le, 47 — were arrested on suspicion of violating a California Health and Safety Code that prohibits people from cultivating, harvesting, processing or drying more than six living cannabis plants.

Violators may be punished with up to six months in county jail, a fine of up to $500 or both. Cortes confirmed Friday the individuals were arrested for misdemeanor offenses.

In addition to the plants and dried marijuana taken from the property, officers said they seized several pieces of marijuana cultivation equipment. Cortes said the department typically stores seized property while court cases are ongoing.

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