3 simple steps to obtaining a medical marijuana prescription in Texas

It’s been a few months since Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, the state’s first legal medical marijuana producer and dispensary, expanded with more Texas pick-up locations, including Plano, San Antonio, and Houston in addition to its Austin flagship.

But many still may be unsure of what the company provides or how to start the process to get medical cannabis in Texas. Turns out, all it takes to find relief for more than 146 conditions is filling out a simple form.

Their team will then work with your current physician or match you with a doctor registered to prescribe medical marijuana under the Texas Compassionate Use Program. They can refer you to doctors that offer either in-person and virtual appointments.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more about this powerful treatment option that could help treat a variety of symptoms frequently associated with autism, ALS, terminal cancer, MS, and more.

Step 1: Fill out the form

You don’t need to come to TOCC with your own prescription — let them help you find the right doctor by connecting you with their network of physicians, all of whom are registered to prescribe medical cannabis and are overseen by a medical advisory board. If you have a current physician that’s interested in prescribing, they can help walk them through the simple process of getting registered.

Provide some quick details using this form, and one of TOCC’s patient representatives will contact you within 24 hours to help.

Step 2: Set an appointment

Telemedicine is likely the easiest option during the pandemic, but certain conditions might require an in-office visit. Many of the prescribers in the network can see you quickly and help get you on the road to relief.

Step 3: Follow up

Once your new physician has electronically submitted your prescription, call the dispensary at 512-614-0343 to choose your preferred flavor and confirm your pick-up or delivery. The medicines are available in easy-to-consume tinctures, lozenges, and sprays. You can pick up your prescription from one of TOCC’s four locations throughout Texas or have it delivered to your home.

Medical cannabis has provided relief for thousands of people in Texas — both adults and children — and you can learn more about their stories on TOCC’s website.

From a mother who finally found a way to manage her multiple sclerosis to a child who gained control over his seizures after all other medications had failed, these stories speak for themselves.

If you or a loved one are suffering and believe you could benefit from cannabis medicine, review the list of qualifying conditions and let TOCC help you find relief.

Need more info? Visit the Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation website to learn more about TCUP, the benefits of medical marijuana, and which conditions might qualify for treatment.

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