Pueblo West dispensary Marisol Therapeutics closing after 14 years

Zach Hillstrom
| The Pueblo Chieftain

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A Pueblo West marijuana dispensary at the forefront of Colorado’s push for medicinal and recreational legalization has sold its last gram — at least for the time being. 

Marisol Therapeutics, owned by local marijuana pioneer Michael Stetler, closed its doors Dec. 14 after 14 years in business as Stetler takes a break from the industry to unwind and prepare for his next move. 

“I’m just kind of relaxing,” Stetler said. 

“People don’t know that when this industry first started, how scared we were because the (federal government) could come and arrest us. But there was this energy inside of us that said, ‘No. This is good medicine and somebody has to do this to put it out to the public.’ 

“So I’m going to take some time … a couple of months or however long it takes for me to regenerate, because 14 years takes a lot out of you, especially when you’re worried about stuff like that.” 

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Marisol Therapeutics officially launched in 2008 at 922 E. Kimbell Drive for medicinal sales and began selling recreational marijuana in 2014. It was the first recreational marijuana dispensary in Pueblo County and Stetler said Marisol conducted the first recreational marijuana transaction in the state with the sale of one gram of Stetler’s strain, Nehi. 

The dispensary has featured dozens of products over the years, including “six or seven” of Stetler’s own strains including Nehi and Chong Star — developed with celebrated stoner and comedian Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, who visited Pueblo in 2014 to promote the partnership and the product. 

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Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana also had a branding deal with Marisol. Santana launched his exclusive line of cannabis inhalers, Santana Smooth, at Marisol in 2016 and he, too, visited the Home of Heroes to promote it. 

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The Pueblo West property being vacated by Marisol will remain a marijuana dispensary as it was purchased by DenCo Alternative Medicine. DenCo owners Robert Brekke and Josh Jaramillo already have four other stores in the Denver area and the new shop is expected to open Jan. 1 after a complete remodel of the site. 

DenCo purchased Marisol’s licenses to sell medicinal and recreational marijuana in Pueblo County, Stetler said, but did not purchase the Marisol Therapeutics name or its proprietary brands. 

DenCo manager Heather Hadley recently told the Pueblo Chieftain the store will offer both recreational and medical products including edibles, concentrates and flower. 

“We are shooting for the cheapest prices in town,” Hadley said. 

“We will offer extended plant counts for our medical customers and more exotic strains of flower.”

Chieftain reporter Zach Hillstrom can be reached at zhillstrom@gannett.com or twitter.com/ZachHillstrom

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