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Monroe Township and the City of Petersburg have both established recreational marijuana ordinances; Dundee officials want more time to consider the option.

Leaders in the Village of Dundee are content to sit on the sidelines and observe for at least a little while longer as neighboring communities wade into the unknown waters of recreational marijuana.

Village council on Dec. 15 unanimously approved an extension of its Prohibition of Marijuana Establishments Ordinance, effectively continuing a temporary opt- out from the state law permitting recreational marijuana facilities.

Rather than opt out permanently from recreational marijuana, Dundee has been using a temporary opt-out ordinance that includes a sunset clause, prohibiting the business until village council has a chance to better educate itself on the industry.

Council president Andrea Hickey said she added the extension of the ordinance to the Dec. 15 agenda because she realized shortly before the meeting that the ordinance was due to sunset prior to the board’s next meeting in January.

“We added the sunset provision previously just so that we could have some time to educate ourselves and make a good decision on what we’re going to do (regarding recreational marijuana facilities),” Hickey said. “We were going to do that in March of 2020, but then COVID- 19 hit and we didn’t get to go to any of the webinars that (Village Manager Dave Uhl) set up for us to learn more.”

Monroe Township and the City of Petersburg have both established recreational marijuana ordinances in the last few months, to mixed results. Monroe Township in particular has experienced issues as a flood of potential cannabis- related developers have looked to establish operation in the community.

Hickey said that it’s been always been council’s intention to observe how neighboring communities handle their issues with recreational marijuana before the village permits any of the related businesses.

“…I’ve been on council since all of this started…,” Hickey said. “We never wanted to be the first. Let’s let other people make a few mistakes. (The thought has) always just been sitting back, see what other people are doing.”

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