Cathedral City short-term vacation rental raided, neighbor says it was being used as a cannabis grow house


Police activity Thursday morning outside a home on Obergon Court has been identified as the bust of a cannabis grow house, according to a neighbor who was an eyewitness.

“The house has been a STVR [short-term vacation rental] for a few years and police have been there because of the noise,” said neighbor Antonio Baciu. “It’s a party house.”

Baciu noticed something suspicious when the property was having irrigation work done for a month.

He says Thursday morning he came home to nine police cars – most unmarked – in front of this short-term vacation home.

Baciu says the police on scene told him that the house was growing cannabis.

Another resident in Cathedral City says he’s experience a similar situation in his neighborhood. He – who chose to remain anonymous for safety reasons – says it’s very “unsettling.”

This resident says he is concerned for his family’s safety. He feels the city is getting annoyed at residents for complaining rather than taking the complaints seriously.

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