Permit approved for existing cannabis cultivation project near Buellton | Government and Politics

She said the “zone of notification” for providing neighbors with company contact information should be expanded from 1,000 feet to include the entire city of Buellton.

“The odor plan we’ve seen for this project is insufficient to be able to assure there will not be odor issues,” said Marc Chytilo, representing the County Coalition for Responsible Cannabis.

He asked that it be expanded to 5,000 feet and that the use of low-odor strains of cannabis, operation of the odor control systems whenever the plants are flowering, annual terpene testing at the property line and expanded corrective actions be incorporated in the odor abatement plan.

Fifth District Commissioner Dan Blough also supported the project and didn’t want the “zone of notification” extended to 5,000 feet, which he said would greatly increase the company’s cost.

Some commissioners strongly favored the project as revised.

“I think this applicant is the cream of the crop,” said 2nd District Commissioner Laura Bridley, saying she didn’t favor any more revisions. “I think what the applicant has submitted is fine. … Today, I think this is the platinum standard.”

Others were not so enthusiastic.

“I’m very mixed about this project,” said 1st District Commissioner C. Michael Cooney, who was chosen to serve as vice chairman at the meeting. “[De Friel is] an example of an operator who has not done everything he can do to comply with county concerns.”

Cooney objected to metal shipping containers being used for storage on the site, but he admitted the project is better now than when it was first submitted.

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