GREENWERKS LLC Acquires New Assets, Licensed Cannabis Businesses, Multiple Revolutionary Technologies; Announces U.S First Nation Projects, Healing Centers and Global Expansions

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On January, 10th 2021, “GREENWERKS LLC” (a US-based company that specializes in innovative natural healthcare technologies) acquired “GREENWAVE BUSINESS CONSULTANTS LLC,” all its assets, including an Oregon cannabis wholesale license, multiple revolutionary technologies, and (a health-conscious cryptocurrency-based e-commerce company).

During 1st Quarter 2020, GREENWAVE BUSINESS CONSULTANTS LLC developed products that unlock dormant capacities of the body and mind. After acquiring “GREENWAVE” and all its assets, “GREENWERKS” also worked with researchers to develop all-natural solutions for certain bodily infections and diseases that share common symptoms related to COVID-19.

In the 2nd Quarter 2021, GREENWERKS LLC will launch five new all-natural health product lines;

  • “A chocolate drink product that enhances overall physical and cognitive performance.” 
  • “A chocolate product that improves cognitive functionality while heightening overall sensory depth perception.”
  • “A high strength all-natural immunity boosting quadruple antibiotic drink product formulated to eliminate certain respiratory infections and bodily diseases.”
  • “A gold-mineral-cannabis infused edible luxury lifestyle product line.”
  • “A gold-mineral-CBD infused topical health and beauty product line.”

GREENWERKS will sell these product lines through its newly acquired brand “EARTHBASEDMEDICINES.COM,” 3rd party vendors, affiliates, dispensaries, online retailers, domestically and internationally. New revolutionary patent-pending technology gives GREENWERKS a significant industry advantage. Through its recent acquisitions, GREENWERKS has acquired a new technology that increases crop growth speeds up to 300%, another technology that increases crop harvest yields by 300% or more, and technology that helps optimize the overall efficiency of growing operations.

GREENWERKS is currently working with indigenous people on projects to open farmland in New Jersey for multi-purpose agricultural uses and access “earth resources.” By utilizing exclusive grow technologies and working with U.S First Nations people, GREENWERKS LLC will minimize crop production costs while maximizing crop production. 

In 2021, GREENWERKS is acquiring more land, property, cannabis licenses, and cannabis businesses in California, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, and New Jersey. During the 2021 expansion, GREENWERKS, LLC plans to distribute disaster-proof containerized automated grow systems across the U.S.

By the end of 2021, GREENWERKS will open all-inclusive containerized luxury Healing Resort Centers (HRCs) in the U.S and South America. Utilizing advanced modern and ancient natural medicines, GREENWERKS’s healing resort centers will combat a broad spectrum of mental and physical illnesses.

GREENWERKS Healing Resort Centers’ accommodations will include:

  • Fitness Center.
  • Native American style Sweat Lodges
  • Saunas
  • Pools, whirlpools, and hot tubs
  • Physical therapies.
  • Detox therapies.
  • Proprietary intercellular DNA-RNA repair therapies.
  • Sensory depth perception enhancement sessions.
  • PEMF chambers.
  • Ancient aromatherapy sessions.
  • GREENWERKS proprietary therapeutic products and therapies

The HRCs in Portland, OR, and South America will include exclusive access to the use of legal therapeutic “earth medicines” to address mental and physical illnesses under certified medical professional supervision. 

Thanks to recent acquisitions and international expansions, GREENWERKS LLC is well-positioned and prepared for massive growth in 2021.

For Inquiries:

Call: 1-800-778-0315
Email: [email protected]


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