Over half of North Carolinians support marijuana legalization, Elon poll finds

ELON, N.C. — Support for the legalization of marijuana in North Carolina is growing, according to an Elon University poll, the Charlotte Business Journal reports.

The poll found that support for the recreational use of marijuana is up, and the already strong support for medical use continued.

Around two-thirds of adult North Carolinians say they don’t believe using marijuana is morally wrong. They say legalization would be a boost to the economy and support the reduction of penalties for having marijuana.

Elon previously conducted a survey on the topic in April 2017.

The 2021 survey found that 34% of respondents were opposed to recreational marijuana legalization, which is down from 50.5% in the 2017 survey.

Support for legalization grew with 54% of respondents saying they are now in favor of making the recreational use of marijuana legal compared to 45% percent in 2017.

Support for legalizing marijuana for medical use in North Carolina has remained consistent since the 2017 survey was conducted.

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