Proponents again call on Nebraska lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana | Regional Government

She said her LB474, the Medicinal Cannabis Act, would safely regulate medical use of cannibis, while providing access to those it would help. It would not allow the smoking of marijuana as medicine, only its use in other forms, such as oil, cream or pill form.

Wishart and others at the news conference said Nebraska needs to join the 36 other states that have legalized marijuana for medical use instead of waiting for another citizen initiative or for the federal government to do it.  

Legalizing recreational marijuana use in Nebraska proposed in constitutional amendment

“The reality is ‘we the people’ are not being heard,” said Dominick Gillen of Bellevue.

Gillen and his wife have unsuccessfully tried countless medications — up to 22 a day — special diets, a surgically implanted nerve stimulator and other steps to control the seizures suffered by their son Will. Medical cannabis may not be “the magic bullet,” but Gillen and others Tuesday said parents should be provided the opportunity to try it without breaking the law.

The effort promises to be an uphill climb. Gov. Pete Ricketts has been a staunch opponent of medical marijuana.

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