Israeli medical cannabis company delivers first product to Cyprus

Israeli cannabis manufacturer Panaxia announced on Thursday its first delivery of Medical Cannabis to Cyprus, according to a company statement.The shipment comes following tests conducted by the Israeli Health Ministry, and customs authorities. Panaxia was chosen by Cyprus to be the provider of cannabis based products following the country’s approval of cannabis for medical use.The products are sold directly to Cyprian government, which the distributes them to various pharmacies who will then sell to patients with approved medical licenses.Last year, Panaxia became the first, and so far only, medical cannabis company to receive a permit to export medical cannabis commercially outside of Israel. However, afterwards Israel’s government dispersed, leaving them a long period to widen the gap as other Israeli companies continue to be limited domestic sales alone. All of Panaxia’s products received European Union’s EU-GMP regulatory standards approval, as well as the Health Ministry’s IMC-GMP regulatory standard for creating medical cannabis medications.

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