Wildwood hedges on banning cannabis shops | Local News

Commissioners reached no decision. Members indicated they plan to take their time before bringing an ordinance forward.

“We have discussed it, we are discussing it on a daily basis, and we will have answers,” Commissioner Steve Mikulski said.

At the meeting, advocates pushed for the town to at least allow sales for the medical market. Hugh Giordano, of Blackwood, a representative of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, said the cannabis industry provides good-paying jobs, while Edward Grimes, an activist with the organization Sativa Cross, said it can be a challenge for patients on vacation or living in Wildwood to travel to buy cannabis out of town.

In a package of bills signed by Gov. Phil Murphy creating a taxed and legal cannabis marketp…

They have spoken to other towns, sharing a similar message.

“We’re hurting, man. We’re patients. I can’t stress that enough, how much this is hurting,” Grimes said.

Byron said whatever steps Wildwood takes, adults will still be able to possess and use marijuana under the new law, including getting it delivered from legal vendors.

“We’re certainly not gong to do anything that’s going to be a black eye for Wildwood,” he said.

And just because voters said yes to legalization does not mean they want to see a Pacific Avenue dispensary, he added.

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