There’s no advisory referendum, but cannabis is on the ballot in Decatur City Council election | Government & Politics

In Springfield, the nearly $900,000 in revenue generated from the 3% excise tax is being split between an additional payment to the city’s police and fire pension systems and economic development initiatives on the low-income, minority-majority east side.

The Springfield City Council just approved language allocating about $350,000 of the funds for one-time grants to minority-owned businesses and up to $100,000 for a rehabilitation program for long time homeowners.

Several pro-cannabis candidates said money from a prospective dispensary can be utilized to address similar needs in Decatur.

“I would just say that if the city council desires it, we can create dedicated revenue streams for neighborhood revitalization,” Horn said. “Whether it is revenue from video gambling, whether it is revenue from cannabis dispensaries, we can find a way to fund and invest in our neighborhoods.”

Jenkins agreed, adding that the revenue could go toward a number of needs, such as addressing gun violence and tackling the pension issue.

“I’m in favor of a cannabis ordinance, as well as taking the funding and money from the cannabis ordinance to help curb violence in the community,” Jenkins said. “Not only gun violence, but also domestic violence. We can also make sure that our law enforcement has adequate mental health and we can also bear some of the pension burden, which is astronomical at this time.”

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