Woodlake cannabis company launches mobile dispensary

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Nestled between an orange grove and a busy road in Woodlake is 7 Points, one of Central California’s biggest cannabis growers.

CEO Wayne Bishop and his investors bought the old Sun Pacific packing house in December 2017.

Eighteen months later, they had their first harvest.

That speed, Bishop says, was due in part to the building’s existing infrastructure.

“So the story I think that’s kind of unique about 7 Points is that we repurposed a lot of this facility and we repurposed a facility that had been shut down that wasn’t generating any revenue for the city,” Bishop said. “Now it’s a good tax base structure.”

The city of Woodlake doesn’t track taxes by individual cannabis businesses, but provided numbers to Action News which show that the city has collected almost $1.5 million since cannabis commerce began in 2018.

Eighty-eight jobs have also been created.

At 7 Points, Bishop says most of the crew is local.

A team of 10 is dedicated to 7 Points’ newest project, the mobile dispensary: same-day delivery from Fresno to Bakersfield and everywhere in between.

They sell their brand, but also their competitors’ products.

“I think it was really at a great time,” Bishop said about the launch. “Cause COVID just hit. I think most Americans are instantaneous, they like stuff taken to them, to their homes, and so I think it complements well with the COVID virus going on. You don’t have to go stand in line right now in the dispensary.”

There’s much more to come at 7 Points.

A greenhouse, possibly a consumption lounge, and someday, tours of the fascinating facility.

But Bishop says they will always stick to their roots.

“This is an ag-based community, this is an ag facility, and our investors are ag, so we’re trying to keep all that kinda tied together,” Bishop said.

For more information, visit their website.

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