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BEND, Ore., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Highland Provisions, Oregon’s leading purveyor of single-source cannabis products, is saying goodbye to the Indica, Hybrid, Sativa categories. Beginning with the rollout of Highland Provisions’ new Live Rosin Budder and Fresh Press rosin, the company is removing all references to Indica, Sativa and Hybrid designations from its packaging labels. By doing so, Highland Provisions is among Oregon’s first cannabis cultivators to market its products without the Indica-Sativa labels.

Highland Provisions co-founder Sam Gesten said the decision is based on the emerging consensus within the cannabis research community that there is no genetic distinction between so-called Indica and Sativa plants. As such, there is no scientific basis to the Indica-Sativa terms. By removing the outdated Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid labels from its products, Gesten said Highland is affirming its commitment to science-based cultivation.

“We know that cannabis consumers are accustomed to the Indica-Sativa labels, but independent research shows that these are empty terms that can be misleading. We prefer to take the time to educate people about each of our products rather than to simply slap outdated labels on them,” Gesten said.

While change can be daunting, Highland Provisions is committed to cultivating a science-based understanding of its products. Highland plans to rely on its in-house data as well as third-party research and testing to educate consumers on the intricacies of the plant. The final goal, however, remains the same: to help Highland’s customers make informed decisions that elevate their experience.

Highland Provisions will be working closely with its retail partners and their expert budtenders to help customers explore Highland Provisions’ expanding line of award-winning flower, rosin, edibles and cartridges. This means providing more information about terpene profiles, entourage effects, and the science behind its cultivation and extraction processes.

Highland’s education and outreach strategy includes:

  • A redesign of the entire packaging line to remove Sativa/Indica/Hybrid categories
  • Consumer guidance and information at dispensaries
  • Educational content across Highland Provisions’ digital platforms regarding terpene and strain information
  • Commitment to cutting-edge solventless processing to preserve strain integrity
  • Testing and analysis of terpenes and cannabinoids across product lines

About Highland Provisions

Situated on the edge of Cascade Mountains in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Highland Provisions. brings the spirit of the outdoors to its line of fine cannabis products. Founded in 2019, Highland Provisions cultivates an 8,500 square-foot canopy of premium cannabis and from that single-source flower creates its award-winning Lemon Royale Live Rosin Badder, Strawberries + Cream Live Rosin Cartridge, and Sundae Driver Live Rosin Badder. Highland developed its state-of-the-art production facility from a previously empty warehouse to create a sustainable and analytics-based cultivation system. The result is an unmatched quality of flower and award-winning cannabis products that include kief-infused prerolls, CO2 and Live Rosin cartridges, a wide line of solventless dabs and its unique Gushie Gummies edibles.

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