Town of Normal approves $600,000 water main replacement; expansion of cannabis dispensary parking

NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Normal town leaders met virtually Monday, April 5, for the final town council meeting before election day, Tuesday, April 6.

By a unanimous vote, council members approved a project in the Oakdale Heights subdivision that would cut down on resident complaints of dirty drinking water.

The project was approved to SNC Construction for a cost of $610,764.92.

This project will replace the over 50 years old existing water lines, which are made of cast iron and 6″ in diameter with more modern 8″ ductile-iron water mains.

Now that it’s approved, construction on the project can begin as soon as May 1, and will likely last until August.

Councilmembers were in agreement that the project shouldn’t be put off any longer and the approved plan saves taxpayers money.

Stan Nord said he hopes work can be done on other places around the town and that the town is more “proactive” when selecting water main projects, like this one.

“I’m glad this has gotten moved up; if we could move up other areas that are in similar situations in the future, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the council because I would be supportive of being more proactive especially if we know the age because once something goes in the ground, it’s going to need to be replaced,” Nord said.

Kevin McCarthy and other town council members believe the town has been proactive already but echoed Nord’s tone of not delaying the Oakdale Heights water main project.

“I don’t want to delay it for the neighborhood and I’m happy we’re able to move it forward and have the healthy fund balance to make this a reality,” McCarthy said.

As part of the agreement, staff and council hope SNC Construction can complete the project in 110 days or less and if successful, the company will receive up to a $7,500 bonus.

Council members also unanimously voted to allow Beyond/Hello Cannabis Dispensary on Northtown Road to expand its parking lot to accommodate more customers.

The current 20-space lot is usually at capacity, causing customers to park on the street. By approving this amendment, 40 additional spaces will be added.

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