OLCC to become Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission, will begin testing hemp fields | Local

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will officially change its name to the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission after Aug. 2 to reflect its new regulatory responsibilities while retaining its previous acronym.

Oregon House Bill 3000 directs the OLCC to work in tandem with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and other state and local agencies to further regulate illegal cannabis growth and add restrictions on the sale of cannabis extractions such as THC.

This includes preventing the sale of THC products to children, such as the currently-unregulated pshycoactive Delta-8 THC, which can be sold to minors in convenience stores.

“Delta-9 THC is the intoxicating THC that’s found in marijuana, which our agency regulates,” said an OLCC spokesperson, adding that Delta-8 THC is among the other chemical conversions of hemp plants that are currently unregulated.

“What this bill does, and what our rules address are getting those products out of the general market and getting them to a place where they can be sold within the regulated market, because of the fact that Delta-8 THC is an intoxicant,” the spokesperson added.

On Monday, the OLCC approved temporary rules allowing it to test hemp fields across Oregon for illegal grows. The temporary rules establish limits upon the legal level of THC allowed in hemp products as well as new methods for testing hemp in fields.

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