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How do I grow plants on my garden wall?


How do I grow plants on my garden wall?


To grow plants on your garden wall, follow these steps

1. Choose the right location

Pick a sunny spot with good drainage as most plants prefer sunlight and well-drained soil.

2. Prepare the surface

Clean and repair any cracks or holes in the wall before planting. Apply a layer of mortar mix if needed to create a smooth surface for planting.

3. Select appropriate plants

Choose plants that can thrive in vertical environments like ivy, creepers, ferns, or trailing geraniums. Ensure they have similar light requirements, water needs, and growth habits.

4. Plant the seeds/seedlings

Dig small pockets into the mortar mix using a trowel or screwdriver handle. Place seeds or seedlings into these pockets, making sure not to overcrowd them.

5. Water regularly

Keep the planted areas moist but not soggy until the roots establish themselves firmly in the wall. After establishment, provide adequate water based on the specific plant's needs.

6. Fertilize periodically

Use slow-release fertilizers or organic compost to supply nutrients to the growing plants. Follow package instructions for application rates and frequencies.

7. Prune and maintain

Regularly trim excess foliage and branches to promote healthy growth and prevent damage to the wall structure. Also, remove dead leaves or flowers promptly to keep the area clean and pest-free.

8. Support structures (optional)

Install trellises, wire mesh, or other supports to help guide climbing plants upwards while providing added stability.