MOUNTO 1HP 3000CFM 12″ Axial Blower Exhaust Fan Confined Space Blower (Blue) Price: $259.99 (as of 29/06/2022 02:08 PST- Details)


The MT3000 is a real whirlwind on every construction site. This unit is a true professional: distinctive German industrial design with built-in carrying handle, shock-protected switch and stackable polyethylene housing. And all other features of the MT3000 are nothing to hide either. With its high-performance, encapsulated fan, this conveying fan which is as robust as lightweight can variably transport fresh air over long distances into adjacent storeys or shafts and exhaust polluted air over equally long distances. Those are ideal conditions for the required air exchange rates for ventilation during channel construction works or welding. Hoses of up to 38 metres in length can flexibly be attached to the blow-out or suction side of the MT3000 because this axial fan is equipped with the respective connections on both sides. This does not only allow the combination of dust bag on the blow-out side and air hose on the suction side, but also makes the MT3000 the ideal transport fan for far-off connected mobile air conditioning and heating applications. To assist the cooling or heating units, this powerful conveying fan is simply installed between the ends of two air transport hoses and so extends the conveying distances of hot or cold air even for very long hose routes.

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